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Make VEGETABLE FISH without fish


Raw bananas   - 4
Basmati rice     - 1 cup
Onions          - 200g
Garlic            - 4-5 cloves
Tomatoes     - 200g
Coriander powder   - 4 tsp
Turmeric powder    -1/2 tsp
Red chilli     -  to taste
Salt               - to taste
Oil                -  100g

For garnishing:

Green coriander


       Skin yhe bananas, cut into long pieces or round pieces and keep aside. Soak rice in water for half an hour and grind in mixer for making paste. Mix salt, red chillies and rice paste together with a little water to make a smooth paste. Add salt and chillies in rice. Rice paste should be like the paste of pakoras.

                  Put saucepan on the gas and heat. After the oil is heated, lower the flame. Fry banana pieces in rice paste one by one and keep aside. Make a paste of onion and garlic and keep aside. Also make a paste of tomato.

                   Add onion paste in a sauspan and fry. When onions become brown, add turmeric powder and water and fry. Now add tomato puree and fry. Add banana pieces and stir and keep aside . Serve in serving dish after garnishing with green coriander.


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