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Healthy Tasty Paneer Pizza

Preparation time: 10 mts, Cooking time: 10-15mts


1 wrap bread or tortilla
1 tsp salsa
150 g paneer
1/2 tomato, peeled, seeled and diced
1/2 cup fat-free sharp Cheddar cheese, grated and divided
1pinch oregano leaves, ctushed


1. Spread the salsa over the tortilla or wrap           bread.
2. Shred and add the paneer and sliced tomato     on top.
3. Spread the shredded cheese and oregano
    evenly on top.
4. Cook in the oven at 200 degree c for 10 mts         or until the cheese has melted.

Nutritional information:

Calories : 334.03 Kcal; Fat : 8.26 g; Carbohydrates : 28.21 g ; Protein : 35.34 g ; Cholesterol : 29.75 mg.
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